Adare Manor, Ireland

The magnificent Adare Manor, one of Ireland’s premier luxury attractions, is the former seat of the Earls of Dunraven.  The house and its grounds have undergone a significant refurbishment. The building’s architectural heritage as a Neo-Gothic masterpiece has been preserved, while incorporating the contemporary comforts and technological conveniences that luxury travellers seek.


Unlike a musuem, or attraction, there are no dedicated curatorial or tour staff at Adare Manor, so  to intepret the Manor’s history in an engaging multimedia tour for guests and visitors, Imagineear needed to take on the curator’s role and to seek out additional content resources.


Imagineear stitched together the different strands of the aristocratic Quin family history and finding the detail of how past generations shaped the architecture and design of the Manor and its grounds. This involved interview family members and gaining unique access to private historical documents and imagery, leveraging our established connections in Limerick before scripting, recording and editing adult and children’s multimedia tours delived on Imagineear’s advanced and reliable MPti™ technology.

Both tours are in English and the dramatised children’s tour, narrated by two entertaining characters, includes interactive games and fun digital treasure hunts! For young-at-heart adults there’s a special function where they can switch from the adult tour to the children’s tour and enjoy the same content – ideal for a family visit.

The multimedia guide is offered to guests who want to explore the external features of the house and extensive gardens. Adare Manor also asked us to produce a historical film to describe the internal features such as ceilings, fireplaces, stainglass windows and Pugin designed wood carvings.


We’ve woven multiple Adare stories into our scripts to make the interpretation of the Manor’s history and legacy the most rewarding experience possible for guests. Beside the multimedia tours we worked with the Manor to develop the collection for its new museum and made a 30 min film, including speciaslist animations, for viewing in the museum and in guest bedrooms.