Anthony Nolan: My Transplant Tracker app


Blood cancer charity, Anthony Nolan, wanted to offer stem cell transplant patients an app to track and support their progress in the post-procedure period. As a charity, its funding for commissioning an app that had the required functionality was understandably limited.


Imagineear was able to design and develop My Transplant Tracker based on the framework of BeYou+, an HIV health tracking app created and co-funded by Imagineear with Chelsea and Westminster Hospital FT’s charity CW+, thus providing a cost-effective result.

A new interface was designed for the Anthony Nolan branding and the functionality was altered to fit the needs of stem cell transplant patients with pin code security included.

Within the app, patients can chart and monitor personal health and medical information, organise their appointments, set reminders, record their health professionals, access patient services, read reliable and specific information about how their body and mind may be affected by the transplant and how to manage any long- or short-term changes to their life or those around them. A goal setting feature, with daily reminders, encourages patients’ progress and they are rewarded with positive messages when they reach their aims.


By adapting a framework already proven successful in a clinically-robust environment has saved time and money when measured against building an app from scratch.

Patients can use this app to focus on being healthy and living well with the ability to set their own motivational goals to aid good recovery. To have specific, reliable, up-to-date informationprovided in a convenient and accessible way means patients can be supported on their post-transplant journey towards better physical and emotional well-being.