Bozar, Brussels

‘A New Expression of Life, Art and Technology’ is the title of the Spring 2016 showcase of work of avant-garde artist Theo van Doesburg, who was one of the founders of the De Stijl art movement in the Netherlands in 1917, together with Piet Mondrian.


Van Doesburg set off across Europe to promote the abstract visual language of De Stijl internationally.  He made his pioneering visual language appear not only in paintings, but also in buildings, clothing, furniture and interiors.  In Paris he encountered the art of the Dadaists and began writing Dadaist poetry himself.  In Weimar he presented his new awareness of beauty to the Bauhaus architects.  This breadth needed to be encapsulated and interpreted for adult and children’s multimedia tours.


Imagineear wrote the scripts for both versions of the tour and recorded the adult tour in Dutch, French and English and the children’s tour in Dutch and French. The tours, on our MPti™ devices, also feature many additional images and animated photos of the protagonists.