Bozar: Europalia Indonesia, Brussels

Each Europalia invites adventurous arts lovers to discover the history and culture of a different country.  The 2017/18 Festival focuses Indonesia. Key components of the Festival are exhibitions held at Bozar: Ancestors & Rituals examines ancestor worship; Power and Other Things is an art journey through Indonesia’s turbulent history from Dutch colony to the present.


Engaging self-guided tours needed to be created for both exhibitions including a children’s tour for Ancestors & Rituals to engage younger visitors in a shared experience with their parents, friends and teachers. All three tours needed to be accessible on one device to allow ease of switching from one tour to another, for the convenience of visitors and gallery staff.


Imagineear’s various Bozar Europalia Indonesia tours Indonesia are provided in French, Dutch and English. All the tours and languages are accessible from each MPti™ device, the handheld player that forms part of the MPti™ platform also designed and manufactured by Imagineear.

What we are proud of

Europalia is a long-standing client of Imagineear so it’s a pleasure to have worked on creating self-guided tours for this Europalia edition.