Catharijne Convent, The Netherlands

Eleven Dutch churches and two synagogues, together with the Catharijne Convent Museum, joined forces in an unusual project provocatively named Het Grootste Museum van Nederland – The Largest Museum of the Netherlands because of the volume of fine art housed.


To provide a multimedia visitor tour in ten of these important religious monuments, scattered around the country.


Working collaboratively with Dutch strategic design agency Fabrique, who designed and created the tour production, Imagineear provided its MPti™ devices to play the tour. The devices also trigger selected content at various of the sites to highlight exceptional stories, distinctive interiors, fine architecture and remarkable works of art.

What we are proud of

Following on from our long-term partnership with Fabrique at the Van Gogh Museum, we are delighted to work with Fabrique again on this ambitious and exceptional cultural initiative. Three new religious sites have since been added to the tour and more devices provided.