Gardens By The Bay, Singapore

Gardens by the Bay, realised by the National Parks Singapore Board, is an integral part of Singapore’s City in a Garden vision. A project of horticulture and garden artistry spanning three waterfront gardens and over 100 acres, Gardens by the Bay brings the world of plants to the City.


To provide a walk-through tour of the two ground-breaking conservatories as well as audio guidance on the park’s sight-seeing trolley, and thus to provide entertainment and educational information to visitors from all over the world.


Initially, our MediaPacker™ device was the right player for this project, so we developed the script for the two tours around this player. We built a random-access tour, giving visitors the freedom to visit the space as they wish; and incorporated factual narration with storytelling, interviews, short videos and music from around the world to bring life to the tour.

In 2017, we were asked to upgrade the tour from MediaPacker™ to our advanced MPti™ devices. This involved upgrading and refreshing the tour experience to include additional multimedia content and functionality, for example, an interactive map, as well as video editing.

What We Are Proud Of

Having been a great success in English, we were asked to translate the tour into Japanese and Mandarin and the subsequent upgrade. With this and the delivery of other projects in the Far East, we have demonstrated that we understand the unique working environment of Asia.