Gardens By The Bay

Gardens by the Bay, realised by the National Parks Singapore Board, is an integral part of Singapore’s City in a Garden vision. A project of horticulture and garden artistry spanning three waterfront gardens and over 100 acres, Gardens by the Bay brings the world of plants to the City.


To provide a walk-through tour of the two ground-breaking conservatories as well as audio guidance on the park’s sight-seeing trolley, and thus to provide entertainment and educational information to visitors from all over the world.


Our MediaPacker™ device was the right player for this project, so we developed the script for the two tours around this player. We built a random access tour, giving visitors the freedom to visit the space as they wish; and incorporated factual narration with storytelling, interviews, short videos and music from around the world in order to bring life to the tour.

What We Are Proud Of

Having been a great success, the tour has since been translated to Japanese and Mandarin.