Hospital de Sant Pau, Barcelona

Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau in Barcelona – now a world-famous UNESCO Heritage Site – was purpose-built as a hospital complex.  Its series of Catalan Art Nouveau buildings are of artistic and heritage importance.  The site ceased to function as hospital in 2009 and reopened as a museum and cultural centre in 2014.


Each of the extraordinary buildings has its own self-contained history so the site required a visitor guide that would reflect the architectural high points and wealth of art and ceramics in each one. The tour would also need to cope with different environments – to weave in and out of the buildings, through the outdoor space and even the tunnels in between.


A full scripted multimedia tour in English, French, Spanish and Catalan has been created by Imagineear, showcasing the site’s rich diversity. Our MPti™ device screens perform exceptionally well in these circumstances such as these when visitors move from interiors into bright Mediterranean sunlight.


Delivering an immersive tour of a complex site in four languages which reflected that the 20th Century Modernista design was as much a social project for patients’ well-being as it was functional.