Houses of Parliament, London

One of the world’s most iconic buildings, The Palace of Westminster, serves as the meeting place of the House of Commons and the House of Lords, commonly known as the Houses of Parliament. Set on the banks of the river Thames in London, the birthplace of modern parliamentary government offers a unique combination of 1,000 years of history, modern day politics and stunning art and architecture, making it one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city.


To deliver an engaging and informative audio experience suitable for UK resident and overseas visitors. A full length and highlights tour for adults in each of the nine languages that would reflect and reinforce the inclusiveness and accessability of UK Parliament. In addition, an educational but entertaining children’s tour in English, an alternative tour for the State Opening of Parliament period in all languages and regular detailed data analysis of visitor trends and dwell time at different stages of the tour.


Imagineear produced twenty-one different self-guided tours available for visitors to the House of Commons, the House of Lords and the Royal Apartments. The tours include a main tour with in-depth layers of content, including an interactive map and scrollable list of content, as well as a highlights tour, available in English, British Sign Language and eight other languages.

In addition, a family tour in English was developed with interactive games and engaging content aimed at primary schoolchildren to show how they can have a voice in Parliament by petitions and contributing to select committees.

As well as scripting content, Imagineear recorded enhanced mono recordings of the two parliamentary chambers during sittings, and created compelling stereo soundscapes. Of particular interest to foreign language visitors are the contextual timelines shown with a parallel timeline of events that took place in the visitor’s own country.


The Imagineear team are extremely proud to have created and produced a suite of multimedia tours for one of London’s most prestigious flagship attractions. It’s the first site where experiences are delivered to visitors on our new MPi™ device. Designed to support all day use, it is easy to distribute, comfortable for visitors and has been customised in the UK Parliament’s bespoke purple colour.