The London Stadium, and home of West Ham United FC

Built for the 2012 London Olympics, the London Stadium has undergone extensive work to transform it into a multi-use venue. The 60,000-seater arena, now the home of West Ham United FC, can also be re-configured in multiple ways, to host rugby, athletics and major rock concerts.


On non-match or event days, the stadium is an impressive space but it needed a multi-media tour to help bring it to life, not just for Hammers fans but for everyone with an interest in it now, and its association with Olympic glory.


Using Imagineear’s 5 inch MPti™ touch-screen devices to provide an engaging bespoke interface to captivate visitors, our creative and technological talent came up with a 90 minute tour of interactive content featuring skilfully woven audio and video material. Part of the content is triggered by image recognition augmented reality; visitors can point the camera of their devices at individual West Ham players’ shirts in the team’s changing room to trigger new layers of information and video about their favourites.

Mo Farrah, together with other British Olympians, retells his defining moments in the stadium, plus visitors can ‘be’ West Ham’s captain as, heart beating through their headphones, they walk the length of the players’ tunnel to the pitch to the roar of the crowd.

What We Are Proud Of

A more immersive and lively experience for visitors of all ages to enjoy and engage with their heroes of pitch, track and field.