RELAX Anaesthetics


Chelsea and Westminster Hospital’s research showed that children who were relaxed required less anaesthetic to sedate them before an operation. They wanted to pioneer a way of acting on this finding.

What We Are Proud Of

Relax Anaesthetics is an NHS Innovation Challenge Acorn award-winning app which helps distract and calm children down before an operation. This tablet-based app is given to the child shortly before they are anaesthetised. It offers a range of games and activities which can be narrowed down based on age, gender or interest. These help reduce the child’s anxiety and consequently the amount of anaesthetic they need. Aside from the hugely important emotional benefits, there are other more quantifiable outcomes. Reducing the amount of anaesthetic is safer for the child and means a speedier recovery. This reduction of anaesthesia also represents a serious saving in theatre costs, as does the cannula method of induction, more often achievable in a relaxed child.