Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

The Rijksmuseum is the national museum of The Netherlands and considered to be one of the greatest of its kind in Europe. The Museum’s collection consists of more than 8,000 paintings including works by Old Masters Rembrandt, Vermeer and Frans Hals. Although it is particularly strong in 17th Century Dutch art, the Rijksmuseum also houses important collections of art from other western European countries, as well as objets d’art, Oriental and decorative arts in more than 80 rooms and galleries.


Millions come from all over the world to experience the collections first-hand, so the Museum wanted to give visitors a choice of how they used the new self-guided visitor app developed by the Rijksmuseum, KPN, Fabrique, Q42 and Movin.  A dedicated device was required for visitors who prefer not to download an app to their phone, but to keep it separate and rent a dedicated device with the content already on it, ready to go.


Imagineear’s robust MPti™ Android device with a 5 inch touch-screen was chosen. With a battery life of 12 hours of normal museum use, the MPti™ is ideal for heavy repeat rental in such a popular museum environment. The player’s capabilities include data capture, storage and analysis.  I-beacons interacting with the MPti™ devices enable visitors to confirm which room they are in – and how to find their way from A to B to C.

What we are proud of

To be working with this world-class museum and its highly professional and demanding team as well as  providing our advanced hardware to offer visitors a genuine choice of platform.