The Royal Observatory Greenwich, London

Globally-famous, the Royal Observatory Greenwich is the home of the Prime Meridian of the World – Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and attracts over three-quarters of a million visitors a year from the UK and overseas. Designed by Sir Christopher Wren, it was also the place of work for those that held the prestigious post of Astronomer Royal.


The existing multimedia tour conveys complex subject matter and high usage rates. The visitor route requires flexibility as it sometimes needs to change as well as incorporating indoor and outdoor areas. These demands called for a player which is robust and intuitively easy for both staff and visitors to operate, as well as a simple, time-efficient process for content updates.


Since 2016 Imagineear has been helping the Royal Observatory Greenwich with an extensive upgrade of its multimedia tour content, hardware and operations. After two successful years using Imagineear’s tried and trusted MediaPacker™, the client became the first site in the UK to upgrade to our 4” interactive touchscreen device, the MPi™. Built for maximum resilience and repeat use all day it is ideally suited for the needs of an environment like the Royal Observatory Greenwich. Compatible with our TourBuilder™ software, it means that we can also support their ongoing need for updating content and accommodating changes to the visitor route.

Imagineear helped to script, record and deliver additional content integrated into the current multimedia tour for a new section of the museum, Flamsteed House, which opened to the public in 2019. In addition to the six languages already available, Imagineear also provided new translations into Portuguese, Japanese and Korean reflecting the international audience of this significant attraction.


An upgraded, superior quality experience for visitors to the Observatory in 9 languages helping the client to cater for, and grow, its international audience. A simple, reliable hardware solution and expert support for staff managing the operations.