SEA LIFE Blackpool

SEA LIFE Blackpool , showcasing over 1,000 spectacular aquatic creatures across 50 displays is a favourite visitor attraction for families and children. SEA LIFE Blackpool allows visitors to experience the secrets of the deep sea, examine species up- close and also supports a variety of conservation projects including beach clean-ups and breeding programmes.


SEA LIFE Blackpool were looking to partner with a creative agency to design and build a device-based multimedia tour with activities and games for their younger visitors. The team wanted to feature content which was fun and interactive but also acting as an educational reference point for children as they navigated their way around the aquarium tour. It was also important to include key educational and environmental messages within the activities too.


Imagineear scripted, designed and produced a family multimedia tour packed with content, games and information delivered on their MPti™ device. Impactful learning experiences are delivered through innovative features including slide-aways, rub to reveal, hide & seek video games, drawing games, drag & drops and much more.

Visitors are guided through the various areas of the aquarium by ‘hero’ creatures living within each habitat, children are welcomed to the Ocean View area by Phoenix the Green Sea Turtle.


The tour was designed to complement the site that is very much alive with audio, visuals and on-display information and to distil the excitement of SEA LIFE, serving it to visitors in bite-size, digestible chunks. The many game features use Imagineear’s most sophisticated functionalities and allow for maximised learning and engagement throughout.

“We visited the centre with a four and an eight year old, and they learnt loads. They got to know more about the fish, they could use the device by themselves and they loved every game and activity – especially the quiz!” said one enthusiastic visitor.