Shepherd Neame Brewery, Kent

Based in Kent since 1698, Shepherd Neame Brewery is Britain’s oldest brewer. All the beers, including its Kentish ales and award-winning lagers, are brewed on site using water from its own artesian well, deep beneath the brewery. Guided group tours learn about the brewing process and explore the brewing site and visitor centre.


Visitors on the guided tours were struggling to follow what was being said over the working equipment and the guides had to strain their voices to be heard.


We provided the brewery with our DigitalGroupGuide™ system, which allows staff to be clearly heard by every visitor through their headphones. The guide speaks through a transmitter and the visitor receives a crystal clear signal within a predetermined range.

What We Are Proud Of

Visitors hear more clearly, and do not need to crowd around the guide in order to do so, so can learn and enjoy the visit with greater freedom of movement. Staff find the tour less tiring, and can lead more, larger tours daily. In this way visitors, staff and the management benefit from the tour technology.

“I would definitely recommend this to people in our position. It has had very positive feedback from our customers and it’s great for our staff”

Graham Hukins, Visitor Centre Manager