Stonehenge Interactive App

Stonehenge is a UNESCO World Heritage site, attracting 1.6 million visitors per year, and draws large crowds for its famous Summer and Winter Solstices celebrations.


English Heritage sought to work with a dynamic and innovative agency to help them achieve their strategic objective: to transition from a traditional on-site audio tour to a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) model for their flagship site, re-evaluating the visitor experience and how users interact with interpretive content and move around the Neolithic stones and the landscape around them. This included the translation and production of multi-lingual content.


Imagineear designed and developed an interactive navigational app to appeal to Stonehenge’s diverse range of visitors and provide an easy means of accessing mobile multimedia content, site information and interactive maps of the site. In partnership with the English Heritage team, Imagineear also produced new audiovisual content in 12 languages which feature in the app. The final IWA is a fully branded, beautifully designed and intuitive navigational app of Stonehenge, but which also allows for the future incorporation of additional English Heritage sites.


Imagineear also assisted English Heritage in an advisory capacity, looking at a variety of potential user journeys and tour types, taking into account the seasonality of Stonehenge as an outdoor attraction and the operational challenges posed by exposure to different weather conditions. The IWAs content was designed and built accordingly and is driven and generated by Imagineear’s CMS solution, TourBuilder Plus™, giving the English Heritage opportunity to review changes and push updates for each language quickly and efficiently.