The Bank of England Museum, London

The Bank of England has the unique role of maintaining monetary and financial stability in the UK economy. Visitors to the Bank of England Museum learn about the Bank’s history from its foundation in 1694 to the current day, and its work at the centre of the economy.


The Bank is respected as one of the world’s foremost institutions. Its museum needed a tour that would appeal to a diverse range of visitors including schoolchildren, architecture aficionados and historians.


Together with the museum’s in-house team, we created an hour long multi-layered tour with interactive quizzes and timelines which inform, educate and entertain the different audiences. It covers the history of banknotes and forgeries, and the building’s imposing architecture, as well as the Bank’s role in maintaining financial confidence and stability.

What We Are Proud Of

An immersive and content-rich experience. We included valuable assets such as the Bank’s paintings and etchings, original banknotes and other archival material.