The Freud Museum, London

The Museum is the former London home of the founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, after he fled Nazi-occupied Vienna in 1938, and of his daughter Anna until her death in 1982. Visitors come to Hampstead from around the world, who are fascinated by the life and work of the Freuds and its influence on both how we think about the mind today and on contemporary culture.


The Museum’s team wanted the best way of engaging visitors in its temporary exhibition, Play & Psychoanalysis, while working round the logistics what is in effect, a large family home housing a permanent collection.


Play & Psychoanalysis opened with interpretation support at fixed points throughout the tour, supplied on Imagineear’s interactive MPti™ devices.

Imagineear worked closely with the curatorial team on the content and technical solution – advising, creating and delivering all elements of the fixed-point interpretation. Our screen designs and visual content echoed the colours, graphics and mood of the exhibition, and complemented the audio and video content.

What we are proud of

Museum’s curator, Sophie Leighton said: “Providing multimedia content at fixed points with Imagineear’s creative and technological input proved to be a brilliant solution for us and our visitors. The team at Imagineear were fantastic to work with and provided guidance, creative solutions and a commitment to the project above and beyond our expectations”.