The Wallace Collection: Inspiring Walt Disney

In collaboration with New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Wallace Collection presents, Inspiring Walt Disney: The Animation of French Decorative Arts.

Imagineear provided a myriad of services to the Wallace Collection from initial consultation through to design.

Imagineear’s writers adapted and edited the current audioguide script to ensure that it was perfectly suited to European audiences and a second script was written and recorded for a new family multimedia tour, produced for younger visitors to the exhibition. Imagineear also provided new audio content with narration from Clare Corbett and interviews from The Wallace Collection Curator, Helen Jacobsen.

The family multimedia guide was developed to engage and inform children, maximising engagement using quizzes and games to help explain the exhibition’s premise of ‘animating the inanimate’.

Imagineear included their interactive tour features including drag and drop games, a quiz with ‘rub away’ answers, drawing tool games, sliding screens and a flip book feature to explore the basics of animation.

In addition, a new bespoke audio mix game function, where eight SFX selections can be individually selected and layered to create a rich soundscape, was developed specifically for the exhibition.