Tier 1 Global Pharmaceutical Client

A New Approach to Expo Delegate Engagement


For medical expos in different European locations, MCCGLC, specialists in interactive design, need to create a personalised interactive experience with real-time analytics for its Tier 1 global pharmaceutical client.


Imagineear provided project management, design and development services, systems integration and real-time data transfer. Different profiles were created of typical patients, each one differing in severity of symptoms. Imagineear’s high-spec MPti™ devices were used to take the visitors through the patient’s experience, interacting with fixed displays on the stand.  Session data was recorded so essential insights into patient mind-sets and behaviours could be structured into significant user insights in real time.

What we are proud of

Our interactive experience was available to thousands of professional health delegates and provided a new and personal approach to delegate engagement.  In addition, our experience is generating a lot of interest from exhibition designers who are keen to use tech solutions to offer innovative ways of gaining real depth of visitor behaviour and opinions for their clients.