Tower Bridge, London

This world-class attraction draws in many thousands of visitors a year.  Besides a tour of the bridge’s two towers and the spectacular glass-floored walkway between them, giving a bird’s eye view the Thames and its surrounds, the bridge offers a historical exhibition and the original, Victorian, engine rooms for visitors to enjoy.


Trained and qualified Welcome Hosts offer personal guided tours to groups of up to sixteen. The wear and tear on their voices means that there is a limit to how many tours they can reasonably be expected to conduct daily, particularly as they can be competing with an environment which becomes noisy at times.


Imagineear’s DigitalGroupGuide™ (DDG™) system was trialled by Tower Bridge.  It proved to support the Welcome Hosts and to provide an enhanced and more intimate auditory experience for tour visitors.  Hearing the guide more clearly, visitors had a more informative and a more peaceful journey around the attraction. As a result of the trial, Tower Bridge placed a larger order for the DGG™ units.

What we are proud of

A simple but effective means of enhancing a personal tour experience is now in place at Tower Bridge. The Welcome Hosts can offer more frequent tours and to larger groups with clear commentary with the DGG™ system’s ability to transmit and receive with digital clarity.

Photo credit: ©Tower Bridge.