Covid-19 safeguarding support package helps Imagineear clients prepare for reopening

As visitor attractions all over the world prepare for various degrees of reopening, after months of lockdown due to the Coronavirus crisis, award-winning creative tech company Imagineear has designed a dedicated Covid-19 safeguarding support package to help its clients adhere to strict new guidelines around social distancing and hygiene in public spaces.

People everywhere are beginning to adjust to a new, post-pandemic way of living and working, and museums, galleries and attractions of all kinds are keen to reopen their doors but find themselves having to reinvent the services offered to their visitors at speed.  It raises questions about how best to manage the visitor experience being mindful of interactions with staff, other visitors and a range of surfaces, which include Multimedia Guides – one of the many products Imagineear provides to the sector.

Imagineear’s client operations team has put together some recommended measures as visible evidence of this protection, to help reassure museum and attractions staff, and their visitors, that the Multimedia Guide is safe to use and an integral part of an enjoyable visitor experience.  The safeguarding support package has a range of options that can be specifically tailored to suit different needs and circumstances, helping attractions to resume their operations smoothly and with confidence.

For staff managing daily multimedia guide operations and distribution, the package offers the following:

  • spray disinfectant and washable microfibre cloths to keep surfaces and devices clean after each use;
  • powder-free vinyl gloves, which can be used all day and then disposed of safely; and
  • >70% isopropyl alcohol gel for staff and visitors alike.

These measures are important because according to the WHO, “Studies suggest that coronaviruses (including preliminary information on the COVID-19 virus) may persist on surfaces for a few hours or up to several days”.  They recommend “If you think a surface may be infected, clean it with simple disinfectant […] and clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub.”

In order to derive maximum benefit from the Multimedia Guide, visitors will also need reassurance that it is safe to use.  The package provides any or all of a number of interventions for visitors, which could be offered on a self-service basis:

  • 3.5mm three-pin personal earbuds which can be branded to the exhibition, museum or attraction, and visitors can take them home to re-use;
  • single-use hygienic paper over-muffs for headsets;
  • single-use, clear, touch-screen sensitive bags that distribution staff can insert the Multimedia Guide devices into;
  • powder-free vinyl gloves;
  • individual alcohol wipe sachets; and
  • a touch-screen stylus, again with branding options available.

“We are certainly living in unusual and turbulent times and we, like all of our clients, are having to adapt and refocus our approach to the various challenges presenting themselves post-lockdown. Our safeguarding support package aims to help clients to resume the multimedia guide service as quickly and confidently as possible.”  said Clare Cooper-Hammond, Managing Director UK & Ireland.  “We are also discussing with clients the innovative ways that we can help facilitate social distancing within public spaces through creative content design, visitor route mapping as well as integrating location and proximity technologies.”





For further information please contact:

Clare Cooper-Hammond
Imagineear Ltd


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