First National Sporting Heritage Day

Today is the first National Sporting Heritage Day. We are a sporty bunch, so working with clubs on projects to communicate their heritage to their fans is something we all take a personal interest in. You will have heard of some of them (like running), and some might come as a surprise (like boxing – that was certainly a surprise for us…). Either way, today is the perfect day to find out a bit more about different sports and their history.


Andrew Nugée, London

I started playing rugby at school and am now a referee. It is the ultimate team sport, a physical and mental challenge that keeps big and little kids alike out of trouble. Keeping the peace between 30 hyped-up weekend warriors (let alone fans, coaches and parents) for 80 minutes: what could possibly be more fun?


Clare Cooper-Hammond, London

I love boxing, the hitting the pads kind, not hitting people! I really enjoy improving my skill and having more control over each hit. It’s fantastic exercise and really good stress buster – though I do get some odd looks whilst taking my gloves on the bus afterwards…


Katy Swainston, London

I had wanted to cycle in London since moving here, but the traffic made it seem overwhelming. Then a friend of mine who was a keen cyclist built me a bike and chaperoned me to work until I became more confident. I have loved cycling around the city ever since.


Emma Thomson, London

I love the energy, adrenalin, discipline and exercise of horse riding.  It’s a great antidote to city living, both in winter and summer.  I grew up riding in rural Ireland and came to live in London in my twenties – a bit of a shock.  I try to ride whenever possible.  I am a big horse racing fan as well.


Eric van der Hoeven, Amsterdam

I have a need for speed when it comes to sport, so enjoy water skiing. So much preparation needs to go into it: equipment, mental and physical. When all of these things come together, along with good weather and a bit of luck, you can skim across the water at up to 75 km/h.


Eleonore Heijboer, Amsterdam

I spend time outdoors whenever I can, and polo is one of my favourite ways to do this. It requires absolute commitment and concentration, as well as a good understanding of your pony. The adrenaline rush after a game stays with you for hours.


James Beattie, London

I started parkour with a friend who I used to constantly climb trees with – someone saw us and said we should give it a go. To run, climb and jump over high and long distances, risking high speed body-to-concrete collisions, while using every muscle in my body, is the perfect sport for me.


Otto Gumaelius, London

My favorite sport is long distance running and I particularly enjoy doing a 5km run. I started running in primary school when I was 9, and regularly participated in school competitions growing up. I find long distance running is a great way to clear my mind and channel my energy, especially when running out in nature.


Ziv Kushnir, London

I started playing handball at the age of nine and immediately fell for the combination of pace and physicality of the game. I was fortunate enough to captain the Israeli national team and am still very proud to have been in the position for the first ever official game between Israel and Egypt.


Poppy & Teal, London

In between snoozing under the desk, we are both big fans of keeping our colleagues on their toes. We sometimes do a bit of running, making the occasional break for freedom around 6pm when we would both like to head home to unwind.



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