Imagineear Adds to Amsterdam Tech Team

Leonardus Jaspers has joined Imagineear’s tech team in Amsterdam, in a new client support role.  This frees Imagineear’s Technical Director, Eric van der Hoeven, to focus on developing new directions and capabilities for the company’s advanced technologies.

Leonardus is better known as Nardy to clients, co-workers and friends and is an experienced hand at servicing on-site client needs.

Nardy trained in hotel management before gaining seven years’ experience in tech engineering and heading up the Client Services Tech Department at a previous company.  He then spent two years as an IT acquisition specialist, but is now looking forward to returning to the world of multimedia tours for culture and attractions.  He counts some of his most interesting experiences as working as a project manager in the Middle East where he visited Saadiyat Island, the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, and the Burj Khalifa in Dubai several times; and the opening of the new Rijksmuseum in 2013 was one of the most exciting projects he has completed.

“Nardy has previously worked with many members of the Imagineear team as well as extensively in the Benelux region and with some of our clients, so we are glad to welcome him in joining us here in Amsterdam as Technical Operations Manager,” says Eric van der Hoeven.


For further information please contact:

Eleonore Heijboer
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About Imagineear Ltd

Imagineear is a leading provider of multimedia content and technology solutions. We design and produce multilingual content, which we often integrate with existing archive materials, as well as live audio. We publish to smartphones, and to smart devices on-site, working with sports venues, cultural sites and the healthcare sector. In London and Amsterdam we have experienced content, hardware, software and data solution teams. Our goal is to help our clients deliver exceptional value and memorable experiences to their visitors, both on- and off-site.