Imagineear and the Ashmolean Museum partner to create a ground-breaking interactive family adventure experience

The iconic Ashmolean Museum, Oxford chose Imagineear to partner with to create an innovative multimedia family experience, with the aim of widening their appeal to include a more diverse range of visitors and, in particular, local family groups.

Imagineear and the Ashmolean team worked for over a year to develop a truly immersive and compelling multimedia family activities using Imagineear’s Multimedia GroupGuide™ (MGG™) and new Maestro™ 5.5” tablet device.

Developed for multigenerational family groups, ‘Ashmolean Adventure’ explores some of the Museum’s most intriguing objects through a variety of interactive activities: from games and quizzes to design and drawing tasks.

The MGG™ enables a new level of interaction within family groups and allows one member of the group to trigger content to other group members’ devices. Quiz questions, stories or soundscapes are shared with others in the group who, in turn, explore the object to respond, reflect, create or find answers. With the audience at the heart of each activity, there are opportunities for both group interaction and individual reflection.

The device lends itself to providing contextual interpretative information such as films, x-rays, storytelling or soundscapes. New functionality was developed to unlock this material and create an intuitive and playful experience for family groups: rubout the bandages of a mummy to reveal an x-ray; drag & drop, rotate and size objects to explore perspective; race through a series of challenges in the labyrinth to escape the Minotaur and magnify some of the Ashmolean’s smallest objects to view their incredible details.

All of these features were developed with the central idea:  Which content and approach can a touchscreen multimedia device best deliver to support a self-guided visit by family groups?

“We are thrilled to have been chosen by the Ashmolean Museum, who recognised Imagineear’s proven expertise in creating truly innovative experiences, to create the ‘Ashmolean Adventure’ tour.” said Clare Copper-Hammond, Managing Director of Imagineear. “As a company we are always looking for opportunities to partner with leading organisations to see how we challenge ourselves and create new ways for visitors to engage with collections. It has been such a joy to work with the ambitious team at the Ashmolean to create something really innovative.”

“We are so pleased to have partnered with Imagineear on this innovative project. Ashmolean Adventure is stunning and is beyond anything we’d ever dared imagine!” Said Helen Ward, Deputy Head of Learning at the Ashmolean Museum, “Feedback at test events has highlighted how much parents and carers value the fun and sociable experience it offers. With a rich variety of bespoke digital activities inspired by the amazing Ashmolean collections, the tour caters beautifully for a range of learning styles and interests, meaning there really is something for everyone in the family!

We have loved working with the creative and talented Imagineear team and very much hope to build on this collaboration.”


For further information please contact:

Clare Cooper-Hammond
Imagineear Ltd