Imagineear has been chosen by the National Trust for Scotland to apply their full creative expertise to develop digital and physical interpretation projects at the iconic Hill House.

Guest Dressing Room video sample

Guest Bedroom audio sample

Considered to be a domestic masterpiece by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, the Hill House was commissioned by Glasgow book publisher Walter Blackie in 1902. Mackintosh and his wife Margaret MacDonald designed and created everything from furniture and textiles to the building itself, in what would be the Blackie family home for generations.

The National Trust for Scotland team were seeking a full service agency to provide exhibition design, interpretation services and game development to enhance the visitor experience in three key rooms in the house – the Guest Dressing Room, Guest Bedroom and the Day Nursery.

Each of the three spaces would need to have its own purpose and identity, whilst still working together and remaining consistent with the existing interpretation around the Hill House and reflecting the overall aims of the National Trust for Scotland.

Imagineear set about designing a multifaceted interpretation plan to meet the needs of the different spaces. Work included development of a projection installation, immersive audio sound scape, furniture design and the research and development of Edwardian games – which visitors can play.

In the Guest Dressing Room, Imagineear scripted and produced a multi-layered, rich immersive audio experience bringing snippets of Blackie family life to the space as well as memories from Walter Blackie and quotes from Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

In contrast to the audio immersion of room one, Imagineear designed and produced an entirely visual experience for the second room, the Guest Bedroom, immersing visitors in strong and engaging visual projections to tell the story of the Hill House and its significance in parallel to the rise of the Mackintosh style and his resulting global influence.

For the Day Nursery, Imagineear designed an interactive installation offering visitors an opportunity to connect to the lives of the children who grew up there, as well as to each other. Imagineear created bespoke board games and family activities based on contemporary children’s games of the period and drawing on inspiration from the Blackie Annual visual language as well as recognisable motifs and stylistic designs from both Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Margaret Macdonald to produce beautiful and authentic-feeling physical games for families to enjoy, as the Blackie family children once did.

Imagineear’s detailed and extensive research took them far and wide to ensure historical accuracy, from the German Games Archive in Nuremberg through to Pollock’s Toy Museum in London. Imagineear were delighted to partner with Cubit, DJ Willrich and Lucidblack to deliver the AV equipment and furniture designs for all three rooms.

“We have relished the chance to demonstrate our capabilities as full experience designers at the Hill House” said Clare Cooper-Hammond, Managing Director, Imagineear. “It’s been an absolute pleasure to bring our creativity and passion to the rooms of the Hill House in a variety of different media. From digital projects to designing card games, we have really had a chance to flex our creative muscles. It’s always a great experience to work with Cubit and DJ Willrich, who have helped us deliver our vision for the spaces. This project is one we are truly proud of and we look forward to visitor feedback”.

“The Imagineear team were amazing to work with at the Hill House.” said Emma Inglis, Curator (South & West) for The National Trust for Scotland. “They were quick to grasp the artistic essence of the house and brought so much creativity to the project to ensure our new audio, film and family interactives were a perfect fit. All the skills and experience they brought – research, scripting, design, audience engagement, film making – have resulted in top quality products that we’re really proud of.”



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