Imagineear creates evocative promotional video content for Strawberry Field

Imagineear has produced a series of promotional videos for long-term multimedia guide client Strawberry Field in Liverpool, for use on their social media channels and wider digital platforms.

 The world-famous Strawberry Field, immortalised by John Lennon in The Beatles’ iconic hit, sought beautiful and engaging videos to showcase the rich history of the former children’s home and to promote the Salvation Army visitor centre.

“Imagineer have created a series of engaging and compelling videos for us to use across our social media channels and digital platforms,” said Laura Taylor, Marketing and Communications Manager at Strawberry Field. “The team were approachable, contactable and understood our brief, resulting in high quality multi-use content, suitable for our target audience.”

Imagineear’s inherent understanding of the site, having produced the current multimedia tour included in their interactive exhibition experience, made them the ideal choice.  Using their video planning and execution expertise, the Imagineear team produced three beautifully edited promotional videos: The evolution of Strawberry Field up to its present-day incarnation as The Salvation Army Visitor Centre and training hub; John Lennon’s Strawberry Field; and a Strawberry Field video edit for social media.

The innovative use of sound editing tools and ‘out of the box’ thinking to find the perfect soundtrack, combined with carefully chosen interview clips and video footage, resulted in poignant videos, created quickly to the highest standard and perfectly fitting the client’s brief.

“Creating innovative multi-use content is a core part of Imagineear’s offer.” Commented Clare Cooper-Hammond, Managing Director.  “The creative team makes sure our clients’ content assets work really hard to meet the needs of their various stake holders and enables our clients to maximise their return on investment.”

The videos are now live on Strawberry Field’s digital platforms:




For further information please contact:

Clare Cooper-Hammond
Imagineear Ltd


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