Imagineear evolves its CMS to become TourBuilderPlus™

Imagineear is further developing its Content Management System (CMS) to become TourBuilderPlus™.  TourBuilderPlus™ will be an industry game-changer in how self-guided multimedia tours are produced and managed.  It will aggregate into clients’ hands the exciting, engaging and innovative tour features and functionality of the underlying TourBuilder™ app-building core, together with client preview, client management, export to multiple platforms, including Imagineear device, native app and the Imagineear Web App, or IWA.  TourBuilderPlus™ will also automatically update content, and software to onsite devices, and provide client access to usage analytics.

“This initiative directly results from the lockdown, and our pivot to ‘Digital Everything’.” said Andrew Nugée, Imagineear’s CEO.  “We are aggregating all our client and production digital tools into TourBuilderPlus™ and we will be enabling and releasing blocks of functionality on a controlled timeline over the coming weeks and months.  This is a major focus of the company right now.”

Built by our expert multimedia designers, with decades of tour industry experience, TourBuilderPlus™ will streamline the whole creative and production process into an easy and intuitive workflow of building blocks to create a custom multimedia experience, uniquely tailored to a specific audience.  Unlike most CMS systems there are no set templates, which means that the tour is completely bespoke with a unique look and feel which can be fully aligned with any brand, venue and event.

A first in the tour guiding industry, Imagineear’s TourBuilderPlus™ will provide our clients with an exclusive login to access their own area of the system where they will be able to preview parts the tour, as well as give comments and feedback on content and design.  This allows our clients to be more closely involved during the creative production phase and to have the ability to monitor updates and request changes in real time.

Furthermore, Imagineear clients will be able to check the status and progress of the tour build and give sign off and approval to completed sections.  This streamlines the process and reduces build times, thus getting the tour into visitors’ hands faster.  Once the production is complete, its integrated remote device management function will deliver a seamless content upload to multiple devices simultaneously.  TourBuilderPlus™ offers in addition a platform for software updates as well as data capture for reporting on tour metrics and usage.

“This advanced CMS provides our clients with complete transparency, and a greater level of involvement in the production process than ever before” said David Hoskins, Imagineear’s Director of Development and User Experience.  “And because we are developing TourBuilderPlus™ in-house, we are able to add new features at any time, to make sure it’s always the most comprehensive and flexible system available.”





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