Imagineear expands their Italian client base with Museo e Cripta dei Frati Cappuccini, Rome.

The Museo e Cripta dei Frati Cappuccini (The Museum and Crypt of the Capuchin Friars) is a small space comprising several tiny chapels located beneath the church of Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini  in RomeItaly. The rooms contain the remains of almost 3,700 bodies, mostly Capuchin Friars, a silent reminder of life and mortality.

The six chapels are divided into Crypt of the Resurrection, The Mass Chapel, Crypt of the Skulls, Crypt of the Pelvises, Crypt of the Leg Bones and Thigh Bones and Crypt of the Three Skeletons.

Before entering the crypt is a museum space in which the history of the Capuchin Order is explored and where visitors find an artwork by the ‘Old Master’ Caravaggio, St. Francis in Meditation.

The tour of the crypt starts with the poignant message ‘Quello che voi siete noi eravamo, quello che noi siamo voi sarete’, “What you are now, we once were, what we are now, you will become.”

Imagineear were chosen to provide the Museum with 100 XP3TM devices delivering an audio guide in three languages: ​​Italian, English and Spanish.

“We are very excited to be expanding our international client base further into Italy”, said Imagineear’s Beatrice Creazzola.  “Our XP3 devices are discreet and easy to use and are the perfect way to deliver classic audio content, enhancing the visitor experience at this, one of Italy’s most interesting cultural attractions, Museo e Cripta dei Frati Cappuccini”.

“I am glad to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Imagineear” said Esmeralda Shahinas, Museum Supervisor. “Since our first interaction with Beatrice, her reliability and professionalism, and of the company she represents, was apparent. We love the results and how our Museum is introduced and presented to visitors through the audioguide. The device is very easy to use and we are considering adding more languages and a specific tour for kids. Couldn’t ask for much better!”



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