Imagineear Guides at Europalia

Two exhibitions at the Bozar Centre for Fine Art are key components of the Europalia Arts Festival, held biennially in Brussels, with accompanying multimedia for each show created by Imagineear.

Each Europalia invites adventurous arts lovers to discover the history and culture of a different country.  This winter’s Festival focus is Indonesia.

Imagineear’s various tours for visitors to Europalia Indonesia are provided in French, Dutch and English. All the tours and languages are accessible from each MPti™ device, the handheld player that forms part of the MPti™ platform also designed and manufactured by Imagineear.

Ancestors & Rituals portrays the rich diversity, the power and the poetry of ancestor worship across the diverse Indonesian archipelago, bringing together archaeological, ethnographical and contemporary treasures never before exhibited.  Imagineear has also developed a children’s tour around these artefacts to engage younger visitors in a shared experience with their parents, friends and teachers.

Power and Other Things – Indonesia & Art (1835-Now) takes visitors on a journey through Indonesia’s turbulent history from its days as a Dutch colony and its occupation by the Japanese to the present, as interpreted by 19th and 20th Century artists. The interlinked relationship between trade, culture, religion and warfare throughout the islands is also explored.

“Europalia is a long-standing client of Imagineear,” said Eleonore Heijboer, a founder of Imagineear and its Creative Director, working from the Amsterdam office. “It’s a pleasure to have worked on creating self-guided tours for this Europalia edition. Switching from one exhibition tour to the other on a single device, which also hosts the children’s tour is convenient and time-saving for the gallery staff, as well as easy for visitors.”


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