Imagineear helping clients stay connected to audiences during Coronavirus

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, entire cities and countries across the world are on lockdown.  People are required to stay at home, restrictions have been imposed on movement and travel worldwide has been disrupted.  With a ban on public gatherings of more than two people and public transport only being used for essential travel, many events have been postponed or cancelled and public spaces and venues have temporarily closed as a result of UK government advice.

Understandably visitor attractions, museums, galleries and exhibitions worldwide have temporarily closed their doors to the public and staff, at potentially great financial loss, and are finding new ways to adapt to the challenges of remaining connected with their audiences during the crisis.  While nothing beats a real-life visit, cultural and visitor attractions have been developing their online and digital strategies over the last twenty years, using innovations in technology like 360° virtual tours and digitising collections for online access.

Imagineear is committed to helping our clients to make their existing content work harder to keep their audiences engaged and attract new virtual visitors.  Tours and content produced to accompany visitors in real life can be reused and adapted for digital platforms and online audiences allowing virtual access and insight into collections, exhibitions, stories and venues, bringing them to life in the comfort of our own home.

“There are various ways we can help clients to maximise access to interpretive content while their doors are closed.” said Vasilieos Karageorgos, Design Director at Imagineear.  “We are developing apps for download that include virtual tours of attractions and venues, as well as online microsites where people can access immersive multimedia content originally created for digital guides to temporary exhibitions and permanenet collections.  Our creative teams are also discussing with clients the possibility of repurposing existing audioguide content into podcasts or audiobooks, to engage virtual visitors, allowing them to continue enjoying their favourite museums and tourist attractions – and maybe even discover new ones!”

Self-isolation can have a serious impact on mental health and wellbeing, but participation in cultural activities has been proven to reduce anxiety levels.  With so many people missing out on planned trips and holidays due to Covid-19, still being able to explore the world’s cultural destinations from the comfort of our sofa has a far greater value than ever before.

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