Imagineear launches SafeSpace™ social distancing technology for visitor attractions

Some of the world’s most famous museums, galleries and tourist attractions are preparing to welcome visitors back for the first time this month since going dark in March due to the Covid-19 lockdown.  Like everywhere else, these much-loved and -missed venues and locations are working out new ways of operating and making it safe for visitors to walk through their carefully, for now, reopened doors.

The team at Imagineear has been thinking of creative ways to help its clients and partners open their venues confidently, with tools and technology which support the current needs for hygiene management, and to help reassure visitors they can maintain a safe space from each other.

In addition to offering practical hygiene assistance and advice to clients through a dedicated Covid-19 safeguarding package, Imagineear has gone further, integrating onto its platform SafeSpace™  – an autonomous means of ensuring technologically that visitors remain at a safe distance from each other whilst onsite.

SafeSpace™ operates out of the box on Imagineear devices, as a software upgrade that communicates in three directions: from device to device; from device to the cloud and from device to visitor.  SafeSpace™ offers audio, haptic and/or visual alerts when a visitor’s, or family group’s, safe space is compromised.  This advanced proximity technology offers the visitor attraction, museum, gallery, stadium several important advantages:

  • SafeSpace™ is designed by the team who developed both Imagineear’s hardware and software, so it is natively integrated onto the board on Imagineear devices;
  • Unlike Wifi or Bluetooth location sensors it neither requires expensive infrastructure nor complex and error-prone Time of Flight heuristic modelling in unstable gallery-style environments;
  • Unlike UWB dongles it does not attach to the device or the lanyard as an additional unit; it is integrated into the device itself.

SafeSpace™ operates seamlessly in three modes:

  • Passive – when devices are at the distribution desk at the start or end of the visitor’s tour experience;
  • Active – keeping others out of the visitor’s or group’s safe space;
  • Group mode – allowing the Imagineear device to group family members together, before they start their visit, and ensuring that alerts are created by only non-family members.

“At Imagineear, our overarching aim is for visitors to have a fantastic experience at our amazing client venues, taking a break from the pressures of lockdown, and immersing themselves and their families in the enjoyment of a visit.  To do so, we recognise that visitors need confidence that hygiene and social distancing is being managed effectively at all times.” said Clare Cooper-Hammond, Managing Director.

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