Imagineear launches Web App solution as part of evolving CMS TourBuilderPlus™

Imagineear has launched a new web app solution to help its clients reach even wider audiences as venues across Europe and other parts of the world begin to reopen, but with a greatly reduced number of visitors.  The Imagineear Web App, or IWA, delivers the same tour content directly to the user’s own device, which can be enjoyed hygienically on site, or remotely wherever they are and in their own time.

The IWA is a simple digital solution without the need for complex installation or downloading from an app store.  It works on the user’s own device, triggered by scanning a QR code or via a URL, and the tour content will play through a web browser with a native app-like user experience.  The tours can also be secured using a time-limited access code.  Tours appear exactly the same visually, packed with all the dynamic multimedia content that users expect, and are easy to navigate using familiar and intuitive methods via stop lists with preview images, interactive maps and traditional keypad. And once downloaded, the Imagineear Web App also works offline meaning that visitors can move around an exhibition or venue without the need for wifi or mobile data.

One of the biggest advantages of the IWA is that it can be built quickly, whereas some native apps and device-led tours can often be more labour intensive to produce.  Existing tours and content can be brought back to life and easily transferred to the IWA platform with a fast turnaround, thanks to Imagineear’s TourBuilderPlus™ content management system, which builds and exports content to multiple digital platforms.

“As we pivot the business to ‘Digital Everything’, Imagineear’s web app solution offers clients the continuity to be able to provide multimedia tours safely for visitors returning through their doors who, by quickly scanning a barcode, can enjoy the tour on their own device without any contact or hygiene concerns.”  said Clare Cooper-Hammond, Managing Director.  “The same tour can also be enjoyed by those not yet able to visit the museum, gallery or venue, in their own space and in their own time, creating the possibility to reach even greater audiences than before.”

Imagineear clients San Pau in Barcelona and travelling blockbuster Titanic The Exhibition are already offering their tours using the IWA.

“Audio tours are a key element of our exhibitions, and always included in the visitor experience. This posed a complex problem when planning our reopening, as devices are not currently allowed to be shared at venues in Spain due to Covid-19.”  said Luis Ferreiro, Director-CEO at Musealia.  “We needed to transfer not only the tour content but also the same quality of use we provided before, but now using the visitor’s own smartphones.  The IWA system proved to be an optimal and efficient solution, which is easy for visitors to use via the QR code and enjoy the same tour experience as before.”

Built by our expert multimedia designers, with decades of tour industry experience, TourBuilderPlus™ streamlines the whole creative and production process into an easy and intuitive workflow of building blocks to create a custom multimedia experience which can be exported to multiple digital platfoms.  Unlike most CMS systems there are no set templates, which means that the tour is completely bespoke with a unique look and feel and can therefore be fully aligned with any brand, venue or event.




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Clare Cooper-Hammond
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