Imagineear reimagines the visitor experience with Maestro™

Imagineear has launched their newest onsite device, Maestro™, for memorable, immersive and high impact visitor experiences.

Developed to anticipate the constantly evolving tech sector, Imagineear devices are built to perform at the best possible level, for ever-changing client needs.  Maestro™ is the perfect example.

The beautifully designed device is packed with innovative features including an HD quality 5.5” touchscreen speedily delivering content, the full range of the Imagineear PrecisionConnect™ suite powered by ultra wideband for pin-point triggering, indoor positioning, navigation and 100%  syncing accuracy, WIFI for wireless updates and analytics, a battery which guarantees all day performance, and front and back cameras which, combined with the Maestro’s ultimate 6-in-1 comms chipset, supports truly immersive AR experiences.  Moreover, by integrating Imagineear’s innovative Multimedia GroupGuide™ software, Maestro enables tour guides to speak to their group and trigger multilingual content without the need for additional kit.  Importantly, the Imagineear Maestro™ has been robustly engineered for repeat operation, and the optimised battery is guaranteed to last all day with minimal need for staff intervention.

“We are hugely excited to bring Maestro™ to market.  Providing our clients with truly innovative hardware and software, alongside beautiful immersive content solutions, allows us to build the heart and soul of every visitor experience,” says Andrew Nugée, CEO and Founder of Imagineear.  “Maestro™ has been specifically developed with visitor attractions in mind and works hard not only for our clients’ visitors but also for their staff.  Our most intuitive device yet, Maestro™ is fully backwards compatible and runs TourBuilder™, Imagineear’s onboard software, allowing for maximum functionality and flexibility.  The creative opportunities are truly endless!”.




For further information please contact:

Clare Cooper-Hammond
Imagineear Ltd


About Imagineear Ltd

Imagineear is a leading innovator in the provision of multimedia content and technology solutions.  We design and produce multilingual content, which we often integrate with existing archive materials, as well as live audio.  We publish to smartphones, and to smart devices on-site, working with sports venues, cultural sites and the healthcare sector.  In London and Amsterdam we have experienced content, hardware, software and data solution teams.  Our goal is to help our clients deliver exceptional value and memorable experiences to their visitors, both on- and off-site.