Imagineear working with Cork City Gaol to update audio tour

Imagineear is working with Cork City Gaol to update its audio tours. Existing tours have been digitised and put on MediaPacker™ players while Imagineear works with the Gaol to develop new tours in more languages.

Once a feared institution, Cork City Gaol is now one of Cork’s best known and most visited landmarks. The gaol received its first inmates in 1824 and released its last upon its closure in 1923. Unusually, the prison became a radio station in the 1950s. But it was not until 1993 that a restored and renovated gaol was opened to the public, who were keen to hear the stories that had amassed in its walls.

The audio guide tells these stories of the building, its staff and the prisoners it housed. There are the difficult stories, such as that of nine year old Edward O’Brien who was whipped twice a week during his sentence. However, there are also stories of kindness from the time of John Barry Murphy, the Gaol’s first Roman Catholic Governor. The building itself is significant, having been designed by the noted architect Sir Thomas Deane, who also built the Imperial Hotel and University College Cork.

This combination of tragic stories, benevolence and impressive architecture means that the gaol attracts people from across the world. To cater to its international visitors, the tour is available in nine languages. The next step in making the tour appealing to even more visitors was to update the equipment that it is played on.

The audio tour is now available on a MediaPacker™. The new tour allows visitors to choose which stop they would like to listen to by entering a number with the option to skip forwards and backwards using the arrow keys. Any confusion about where the visitor is in the prison is cleared up by the small screen on the guide, which displays an image of what they should be looking at.

It is currently available in nine languages: English, Irish, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Polish and Japanese, with more to come.

Tommy Mullane, Director of Cork City Gaol, says: “We are pleased that our tour is now on the most up-to-date equipment available. The gaol has gone through a lot of changes since it was built. From prison, to radio station and now a visitor attraction, the building and its facilities have a history of adapting to suit very different purposes. The new MediaPacker™ tour is another one of these adaptations, giving visitors from across the world access to Cork City Gaol’s story using a modern device.”

Emma Thompson, Creative Development Manager at Imagineear, says: “Working flexibly with clients is something we pride ourselves on. We were able to work with Cork City Gaol’s existing content to bring it up to date for their visitors. Now this is in place, we can work creatively with the Gaol to develop content which brings the site to life.”



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About Cork City Gaol

Cork City Gaol is a former 19th century prison which is now a unique visitor attraction. The site tells the story of day-to-day prison life at different periods in Ireland’s history using restored cells, preserved graffiti, mannequins, audio guides and multimedia technology. Opened in 1824, the prison received inmates until 1923. The site has been open to the general public since 1993. The visit includes the former Governor’s House which acted as radio studio for 6CK Radio during the 1950s and now houses the restored studio and museum to radio.

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Tommy Mullane, General Manager