Imagineear’s Latest MPti™ Android 6.0.1 Arrives

Ready to roll out are thousands of Imagineear’s latest MPti™, part of the MPtouch™ family of devices.  The new MPti™ is Android 6.0.1, API level 23, which provides better battery management both in terms of longer daily use and longer battery lifetime plus the new version offers greater functionality.

Dual WiFi gives visitors much faster connection on-site supporting quicker streaming and better uploading and downloading on-site.

“The world doesn’t stand still, and nor do we at Imagineear, said Eric van der Hoeven, Imagineear’s Technical Director. “We are busy driving an upgrade to our technology platforms across the entire MPtouch™ family of devices.  Watch out for a significant upgrade to the established MediaPacker™ platform in due course.  Meanwhile, we continue to optimise and upgrade, to keep the MPti™platform vigorous in performance and at the leading edge.  Look out for more developments and capabilities to come.

“We are in an unusually advantageous position in that we design and create tours for cultural sites and attractions as well as design and manufacture the platforms that deliver the tours. When we optimise our technology we draw not only on our years of visitor and venue experience to add value but outwards to bring new possibilities into play.”


Technical note: 802.11ac dual-band WiFi gives visitors a faster WiFi experience on sites with high contention ratios on the traditional 2.4 GHz bandwidth​.

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Clare Cooper-Hammond
Imagineear Ltd
Tel: +44 (0)845 680 7770

About Imagineear Ltd

Imagineear is a leading provider of multimedia content and technology solutions. We design and produce multilingual content, which we often integrate with existing archive materials, as well as live audio. We publish to smartphones, and to smart devices on-site, working with sports venues, cultural sites and the healthcare sector. In London and Amsterdam we have experienced content, hardware, software and data solution teams. Our goal is to help our clients deliver exceptional value and memorable experiences to their visitors, both on- and off-site.