Imagineear’s SafeSpace™ Tags offer social distancing solution

As soon as lockdown kept us all away from museums, stadia and visitor attractions, at Imagineear we turned our thoughts to how we could best help our clients navigate their way back out of the crisis.  We used existing relationships in China to order consignments of PPE, and we asked the development team to use our smart devices to help keep our clients’ visitors a safe distance apart.  By early June we were able to offer SafeSpace™, an android software layer that alerts the visitors to people too close.  We are now ready to take this to the next level, with SafeSpace™ Tags.

SafeSpace™ Tags are small, lightweight, portable sensors that can be added to the lanyard of a device being used by a visitor.  Or offered to visitors on a lanyard even without a device.  They can be set to a variable social distance, and use 10 cm accurate technology to alert a wearer quickly to others in their space.  Like our existing device-based SafeSpace™ technology, the tags trigger audio, haptic and/or visual alerts when one person’s physical distance is compromised by another.

Visitors with SafeSpace™ Tags are able safely to fill available space themselves, which means that maximum use of the floorspace can be made.  This, in turn, allows a greater number of visitors while demonstrably protecting them from other visitors.  Many people visit in family, or ‘bubble’ groups.  SafeSpace™ Tags can be linked up, so that group members do not trigger eachother’s tags.  This means that the alert will be triggered only when someone from outside their circle enters a group member’s space.

With additional installation, the SafeSpace™ Tag system is also able to log incidents, such as the clustering of alarms in a particular space where people have been too close to each other, and track hot spots and pinch points.  This allows any appropriate changes to be made to the visitor route for maximum safety at all times.  The data collected by the tags is not registered to an individual so the visitor’s privacy is 100% safeguarded.

The tags have been thoroughly tested by Imagineear’s Technical Services team resulting in a 100% success rate, based on over 500 repetitions with an average detection distance of 143cm. The default alert distance of 1.5 metres can be altered at any time to align quickly with any changes to appropriate guidelines.  No app, software or additional infrastructure is required for tag to tag alerts, which makes them usable out of the box.  The technology is unaffected by other wireless networks, and is faster, more accurate and more reliable than other connectivity tools.

The tag’s robust casing is made from splash and alcohol resistant material so they can be thoroughly disinfected between use, allowing for best hygiene practice.  With a full day battery life of 10-12 hours, and a fast charge time of just 2 hours, Imagineear’s SafeSpace™ Tags can be relied upon every day and in a variety of different environments and settings.



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