Legia Warsaw Stadium Tours Kick Off for Imagineear

The multimedia tour of Poland’s current champion football team, Legia Warsaw, has received a timely uplift.  London-based Imagineear now enables Legia to deliver the tour to visitors more flexibly through Imagineear’s MultimediaGroupGuide™.

The tour through the Marshal Józef Piłsudski Stadium, Legia Warsaw’s home turf since 1930, and rated as excellent on Trip Advisor, is now provided on Imagineear’s MPti™ devices using Imagineear’s MultimediaGroupGuide™ suite.  The ‘MGG’ allows guide personnel, using their master device, to share movies, images and slideshows onto visitors’ devices.  In this way, the guide can provide own-language content even in a language they do not speak well.

In addition, the guide can speak to his or her group via the microphone chat facility, MPsync.  Alternatively, if there are visitors with multiple languages in the group, excluding Polish and English, the guide can trigger the devices to play the tour in different languages simultaneously, without their layer of personal commentary.

“Our technical expertise gives elasticity to popular sports sites like the Legia Warsaw Stadium,” explains Mariusz Marszałkiewicz, Imagineear’s Regional Manager for Poland. “The Club has won the Polish championship thirteen times* and has a massive following in Poland and worldwide.  So, the fan tour needs to accommodate visitors from a diverse and multi-national base. The MultimediaGroupGuide™ system offers more options.”

The next stage for Imagineear in enhancing the Stadium’s visitor tour will be the ability to add quizzes and the triggering of some content about the Legionnaires, as the football stars are known, via the MPti™’s camera.



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