Lego art exhibition tours to Amsterdam

The hugely successful Art of the Brick exhibition has now opened in Amsterdam. Nathan Sawaya’s Lego art started its European tour in Brussels last year, having already been exhibited all over the world. Accompanying the art exhibition is a digital audio guide, produced and supplied by Imagineear.

The Art of the Brick is an exhibition of works of art created using Lego. Aside from the huge amount of artistic skill shown, it is the creativity in choosing what to create in Lego that makes the exhibitions so universally popular. A skilful recreation of Duchamp’s porcelain urinal Fountain is shown in the same space as a 20 foot long Tyrannosaurus Rex. Nathan Sawaya’s ability to use this special skill to appeal to artists, adults who would not usually go to an art gallery and children alike explains the popularity of the exhibition wherever it has been shown.

Before arriving in Europe, Nathan’s work was exhibited in China, Israel, Australia, Taiwan, Singapore and across America. It arrived in Brussels in November 2013, where it remained an incredibly popular exhibition at the former Stock Exchange for six months. Last week, it opened at the Amsterdam Expo.

The same pieces of art that drew visitors to Brussels can now be seen in Amsterdam, accompanied by a handheld multimedia device, imagineear’s MediaPacker™. Both the adult and children’s guide are based on interviews with the artist, Nathan Sawaya. In it, he discusses the different pieces shown, and shares some of the secrets of how he creates his art. Budding Lego artists and curious visitors can learn which paper he uses to sketch his designs and when he needs to make use of a chisel, as well as the internal structure of the larger sculptures.

Eleonore Heijboer, Founder and Content Director at Imagineear, says: “Much of the magic of the Art of the Brick exhibition is due to Nathan’s personality coming through so strongly in what he does. We wanted this to come across in the audio tour too, so we based it around interviews with the artist. These were translated into Dutch for the exhibition’s time in Brussels. We were careful to try to get his spirit and sense of fun across in the translation and in the choice of actor for the voice. When it came to moving the tour to Amsterdam, we wanted to change the translation. It is the same language of course, but the tone, accent and cultural touch points needed to be changed to make it as relatable as possible to Dutch visitors, adults and children alike. We hope that by doing this, we have manage to maintain Nathan’s energy for what he does to a new nationality of visitors.”



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About Art of the Brick at the Amsterdam Expo

In this great exhibition – proclaimed by CNN as one of the world’s 10 must-see exhibitions – you will see large-scale sculptures created from LEGO bricks. Many of which are human figures, but also a T-Rex skeleton constructed from over 80,000 LEGO bricks that measures over six metres in length.

The exhibition also includes some of the world’s most famous artworks from Da Vinci, Vermeer and Rembrandt in 3D, all created from LEGO.

These one-of-a-kind LEGO brick sculptures are the work of US artist Nathan Sawaya. The exhibition includes an Interactive Zone inviting younger (and older) visitors to explore their creativity using the iconic bricks.

The exhibition is open from 29th May – 14th November 2014. Tickets are € 16, with concessionary rates available. An Imagineear mediaPacker™ guide is included in the ticket price.


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