M+, Museum of Visual Culture, partners with Imagineear to create new museum tours, delivered via Imagineear’s web apps and MPi™ devices

The hugely prestigious Museum of Visual Culture, M+, in Hong Kong chose Imagineear to design, build and publish multi-platform, self-guided audio tours of their Collection Highlights and first theme tour, Hong Kong Focus, opening on November 12th 2021.

Created using TourBuilder Plus™, our comprehensive Content Management System, delivered on 400+ MPi™ devices on site and published digitally via an Imagineear web app, the end result is a beautifully designed visitor experience, with elegant graphic interfaces and dynamic content pages.

The Imagineear team were tasked with providing multimedia content in a variety of ways, to support a truly flexible experience. This included presenting audio content and transcripts in multiple language combinations for varying visitor requirements. Ensuring the content combination options worked seamlessly was a key focus during the UX design process. The experience supports visitors choosing more than a single language and allows them to, for example, listen to audio in Mandarin whilst reading traditional Chinese script.

‘We are extremely proud to be working with M+, Hong Kong on the first of, what we hope, will be many themed audio tours’ says Eleonore Heijboer, Founder and MD, Imagineear Europe. ‘The challenges posed by this project have really highlighted our ability to deliver beautifully designed digital solutions in an extremely flexible way, working closely with M+ throughout, from initial consultation through to full UX development and multiplatform publishing, which includes remote uploads to devices on site. We very much look forward to continuing our collaboration with the Museum of Visual Culture’.


For further information please contact:

Eleonore Heijboer

Founder and MD Europe



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