Multimedia Tours for Paleis Soestdijk

Paleis Soestdijk has commissioned Imagineearto create the multimedia tour to guide visitors around this former Royal Palace. Starting as a smart hunting lodge in the mid-17thCentury, then turned into a palace later that century, and significantly extended in the 19thCentury. In 1937 it became the official residence and home of Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands for over 60 years before their deaths in 2004. They worked and lived with their family here.

The Dutch adult tour features many archive audio and footage as well as videos produced to provide a ‘look behind the curtains’ through interviews with some of the palace staff as well as an art historian.  The new owner of the palace, Mrs Maya Meijer of MeyerBergman Erfgoed, gives an insight into the process of how they acquired the estate and what the future will bring.

The family multimedia tour in Dutch contains content designed to appeal to a young audiences including engaging quizzes relating to the history of the palace and the objects on display.  Children taking the tour are guided by the personas of Pjotr, the footman of the Russian princess Anna Pavlovna, and Johannes, a footman to Queen Juliana, who tell the story of the palace. At one stage, they introduce young visitors to the Dutch royal family interactively via image recognition of their portraits on the wall, enabled by Imagineear’s MPti™ touchscreen player camera.


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