Museum Alkmaar Partners with Imagineear

The art of Dutch Golden Age painter Caesar van Everdingen, known for his portrait and historical work, is the subject of a newly-opened show at Museum Alkmaar with multimedia support provided by Imagineear.

Considered to be at the top of his peer group, this 17th century Classicist painter is particularly known for his flattering brushstrokes, using a smooth idealised style in which the actual stroke is hard to see to capture convincingly the drape and texture of velvets, furs, and fabrics with sheen.

‘A feature of our multimedia tour to support the exhibition while it is at Museum Alkmaar is interviews with people who focus on one work and talk about it from their perspective and background,’ explains Eleonore Heijboer, Imagineear’s Creative Director.  Apart from scripting, recording and producing the tour in Dutch and English, part of Imagineear’s creative production work has included making three videos, two of which are about the organ in the next door Grote Kerk. Van Everdingen painted the exterior of the huge 8m high wooden doors of the church’s organ and the mechanism to close and open the doors are still authentic 17th Century.’

The tour will be delivered on 80 of Imagineear’s MPti™ 5” Android devices, 40 of which the Museum has chosen to purchase to give visitors a premium user experience.



For further information please contact:

Eleonore Heijboer
Imagineear Ltd
Tel: +31 (0)20 7716645

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