New Tech Pioneers Tracking of Museumkaart Usage

Imagineear’s MPTi™ players, together with the Intersolve Scan’r App, are providing a safer cheaper, more intelligent and more flexible way of gathering usage information on the Museumkaart, the popular pass to over 400 museums in The Netherlands.

The amount that cardholders pay for the pass is aggregated, and administered by the Museums Card Foundation, part of the Dutch Museums Association – Museumvereniging. There are over 1.2million Museum Cards in use and in 2015 they were used as many as 8.3 million times, an increase of 8% on 2014, explains Operations manager Museumkaart Koen van Veen.

Museumvereniging will distribute a hand-held, wireless, MPti™ device to over 40% of its museum members to record the number of Museumkaarts presented on site each day. The device camera scans a bar or QR code printed on the card to Intersolve’s Scan’r App, and delivers the admission data to the Intersolve network.

Cards are valid for one year, and card entry to museums is limited to once a day per site so the introduction of this new technology provides a way to authenticate visitor usage by connecting with the Intersolve ticketing system.

Until now recording and verifying this type of information was performed by more expensive terminals and scanners.

‘The MPTis™ will help the Museumvereniging accurately distribute the revenue owed to each museum,’ explains Eleonore Heijboer, Creative Director at Imagineear. ‘This is an excellent example of powerful, light-weight, connected technology offering a better solution than older, fixed terminals and cables.’

‘All card registration and activity is stored in the Intersolve ticketing system which provides reports on cardholder activity, and details for financial consolidation between the different museums,’ says André Moen, Managing Director of Intersolve Technologies. ‘Using Imagineear’s MPti™ together with the Intersolve App makes it extremely cost effective not only for ticketing applications but also for providing gift cards, loyalty coupons and points schemes’.



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