Digital GroupGuide™

  • The Digital GroupGuide™ (DGG™) is a highly successful, lightweight and easy-to-operate group-guiding system that provides digital clarity for up to 64 groups on discrete channels at the same time, over a range of up to 50 metres.


    DGG™ helps preserve a guide’s voice during the course of a tour, allowing them to conduct larger tours more frequently and using both scripted and spontaneous commentary as required. It gives the guide leader full control of the group and their tour experience, with the ability to manage the flow and momentum of a tour, adjusting to different visitor needs as necessary and increasing visitor engagement and satisfaction.


    The Digital GroupGuide™ is the ideal solution for all types of venues, large or small, wishing to offer discreet group guided tours providing greater autonomy and crystal-clear commentary, even in the noisiest of settings.

  • Device type: Wireless SRD one-to-many group guiding system
    Dimensions: 8.5 cm × 5.7 cm × 1.9 cm
    Weight: 80 g
    Colour: Black
    Audio input: Microphone, 3.5 mm stereo jack
    Audio output: 1 × 3.5 mm stereo jack
    Channels: 64
    Distance: Up to 50 m
    Transmitter runtime: 8 hrs
    Receiver runtime: 15 hrs
    Compliance: CE, WEEE, ROHS
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