Pushing the Boundaries of Digital Mobile Media at The Kennedy Space Center

Niche speciality experience in delivering visitor experiences and the right technology were both key to Imagineear’s contribution to the most advanced mobile visitor site in the US right now – The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Florida.

Apart from the multiple capabilities and requirements to provide a holistic visitor experience, the site itself is expansive and complicated as it includes a US military base with partial visitor access some of the time; a Visitor Complex operated by a private company, Delaware North; with NASA overseeing the whole area.

Imagineear’s MPti™ touch-screen devices with 5” screens were chosen to host the engaging visitor experience which includes a fully integrated technical media package.  Three hundred and sixty degree photography, augmented reality, interactive games, maps, wayfinding, multi-lingual network syncing, location-based triggering, social media and push notifications are presented in eight languages, both at the two Space Center sites and on the tour buses that transport visitors between them.

Stasha Boyd of Q Media Productions, Inc, managed the digital mobile media project from the first on-site visit in February 21016 to public opening in November 2016, pulling together specialist provision by several companies, including Imagineear, all of which had to collaborate to make the tour work as an experience first, and most definitely not a just a guide.  In addition, Q Media Productions provided creative direction and production of the different elements of content.

‘It was essential to find the right device to deliver one story, one experience and one message to several million visitors a year.  And one that can switch between indoor and outdoor triggering beacons throughout the park area, and GPS on the buses,’ says Stasha Boyd. ‘Additional challenges include the length of some of the bus routes – for example, it is nine miles between the Visitor Complex and the Apollo Saturn V Center –  as well as changes to bus routes determined by NASA. In addition, the tight time scale included making provision for the immersive Heroes and Legends experience in a new building dedicated to it.  Imagineear’s MPti™ devices have shown they always move forward to enable new capabilities reliably.’

‘No one company can provide the whole creative, software and technical expertise to deliver something this complex which is why it was so important to choose partner companies like Imagineear, not just for their component parts and services, but for their ability to interact with other providers and give support and solutions for the common good,’ she concluded.

Imagineear has provided around 400 MPti™ devices with headphones and charging racks, and with the new visitor experience available for little over a month the Kennedy Space Center has received thousands of visitors in that time.



For further information please contact:

Clare Cooper-Hammond
Imagineear Ltd
Tel: +44 (0)845 680 7770

Project credits:

Client: Delaware North Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

Project management and creative direction: Q Media Productions, Inc.

Content production: Q Media Productions, Inc.

App development (Smart Guides and Space Chase!): Fluxguide

Equipment: Imagineear MPti™ player, headphones and charging racks

Technical installation and integration: Audio Conexus, Inc.

AR programming: 5dLabs

AR content production: Nth Degree

360º photography: Dennis Biela Photography

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