Refreshed and Blooming Gardens by the Bay

The tour experience for Gardens by the Bay, a vast and impressive display of living horticultural and garden artistry in Singapore, has been refreshed and upgraded by Imagineear.

Gardens by the Bay is the keystone of Singapore’s ‘City in a Garden’ vision, realised by the National Parks Singapore Board.  It incorporates three waterfront gardens and over 100 acres to bring an array of flowers, trees and plants to the city.

The original script of the random-access tour, created for Gardens in the Bay in 2015 by Imagineear, has been updated with new stops to match changes in the gardens. Explanatory narration links interviews, short videos and music from around the world to bring life to the tour..

A new interface design accommodates an upgrade from Imagineear’s MediaPacker™ to the advanced 5” touch screen MPti™ device, which has greater functionality and a larger, clear screen.  Imagineear created additional video and multimedia assets, as well as an interactive map, to complete the tour ‘refresh’.

The walk-through tour covers the planting of the gardens’ two outstanding conservatories. Additional audio guidance is provided on the park’s sight-seeing trolley, delivering entertainment and educational information to visitors from all over the world.

“We work hard to innovate and design new technology solutions and we are delighted that Gardens by the Bay has chosen to work with us again to provide an enhanced experience to visitors to this beautiful attraction,” said Ziv Kushnir, a founder and Commercial Director of Imagineear.


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