Sales Manager Appointed for Digital Healthcare

As part of Imagineear’s strategy to roll out its range of award-winning digital healthcare tools for patients and clinicians to a wider audience, Mike Kyte has joined the London team as Sales Manager.

Imagineear develop apps and other digital healthcare tools in creative and investment partnerships with prominent NHS Trusts and networks, complementing product design and delivery with our healthcare advisory service, for example to assess and value healthcare IP assets or to advise on commercial eHealth opportunities.

“Extending healthily-lived lifespan is a top priority for health services worldwide, and well-designed mobile digital applications can make a material difference to both clinicians and patients”, says Mike Kyte, whose considerable previous experience includes sales and business development for both public and private sectors accounts.  “Our partnership objectives at Imagineear typically include improving patient care and well-being, offering decision-support for clinicians, improving staff experiences and/or saving cost while preserving anonymity and confidentiality, and building robust, non-RCT, clinical evidence bases. Local contact directories, automated real-time content updating and cloud-based data capture and analysis underpin our service for iOS and Android format apps.”

“Mike’s knowledge and 15 years of proven success in healthcare sales means he will quickly understand the needs of our healthcare client base, and this will help us deliver the results that the evolving digital healthcare landscape requires.  I am delighted to welcome him to the team,’ says Andrew Nugée, CEO of Imagineear.

In his free time Mike enjoys being with his wife and two children, socialising with friends and trying out new restaurants. On the sporting front, he regularly goes to the gym and likes cycling.



For further information please contact:

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