All great projects share certain characteristics: a great script, careful planning, clarity in the user experience (UX). We can provide a turnkey solution, or complement your team by filling gaps, for example in sourcing and recording professional translations of an existing text. Some of the services listed below are charged for, others free of charge. Why not ask us if we can help?

  • Scripting

    Script planning
    Interview planning
    Adaptation of existing texts for adult, family, visually impaired and sign language tours

  • Editing

    Structural edit
    Line by line edit
    Quality control

  • Studio

    Onsite interviewing
    Post mixing and editing

  • Audio

    Sourcing and managing voice talent
    Audio transcribing
    Audio archiving

  • Music

    Music matching

  • Video

    Video editing
    Video archiving
    Video transcribing

  • Design

    Tour visuals
    Tour navigation
    User experience (UX)
    User interface (UI)

  • Translation

    Sourcing and managing copywriters
    Cultural adaptation
    Sourcing and managing native speakers
    Video dubbing and subtitling

  • App Development

    Intuitive navigation
    Clear visuals and graphics
    Concept adaptation
    Data capture

  • Virtual / Augmented Reality

    Image triggering
    360°/VR video
    Interactive 360° imagery

  • Exhibition Design

    3D mapping
    Visitor routes
    Experience design

  • Visual Recognition

    Camera recognition
    Triggered content
    Visual wayfinding