What We Do


We design, build and maintain our own multimedia and audio platforms from scratch, based on decades of experience. Our players are tough, and work reliably to deliver exceptional visitor experiences all day every day. They collect data and search automatically for content updates, and we adapt them to the rigours of a ‘repeat rental’ environment, whatever the location.

Some of the services listed below are charged for, others are free of charge. Contact us for more information about how we can help with your project delivery.

  • Hardware Design – including tour devices, storage and charging racks, headphones and supplier management.
  • Hardware Sourcing – including tablets and smartphones, headphones / earphones and peripherals.
  • Bespoke Adaptation – including custom lanyards, hardware colour matching and special requests, and software adaptation
  • Site Installation – including equipment placement, testing and onsite signage.
  • Data – including data capture and cloud storage, cloud-based data analysis, questionnaire design and in-app messaging.
  • App Management – including real-time updating, unique code verification, data capture and interpretation.
  • App Sales & Marketing – including sales, licensing and marketing.
  • Assurance – including warranty, maintenance and insurance.