The Maestro™ at Museum of the Mind

The Dolhuys, Haarlem is a unique medieval building which is now better known as the Museum Van De Geest or Museum of the Mind. The beautiful 16th century building invites visitors to engage with the minds of artists, writers and scientists, as well as their own, through works of art and an expansive historical collection exploring healthcare, art and science. The Dolhuys was once a home to sufferers of plague, leprosy and mental illness and a former psychiatric institution.

Visitors to the museum can enjoy an enhanced experience with multimedia tours delivered on Imagineear’s Maestro™ and MPti™ devices. The Museum currently operates 130 Maestro™ devices – Imagineear’s most sophisticated and innovative device – and 50 Mpti™ devices – our robust and reliable multimedia tablet.

Imagineear were able to advise and support digital content company, Ijsfontein to deliver their vision and ensure that the Museum’s existing multimedia content was optimised for delivery on both Maestro™ and MPti™ devices.

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