The Rembrandt House Museum to work with Imagineear

The Rembrandt House Museum is working with Imagineear to upgrade its permanent collection audio tours and create an audio guide for its upcoming exhibition.

The Rembrandt House Museum is where Rembrandt lived and produced some of his most famous artworks, including The Night Watch. Restored to how it would have appeared in Rembrandt’s time, the museum houses his etchings and earlier works of art that he would have been familiar with. It also contains works from his teacher, students and contemporaries. The house and its collection paints an unrivalled picture of Rembrandt’s life.

In order to help visitors get more out of the museum’s rich surroundings without compromising the aesthetic, there is an audio guide. Imagineear is working with the museum to create new content for this permanent collection on the MediaPacker™ device. Imagineear will also be translating the tour into Mandarin, Japanese and Portuguese. The new content and increased number of languages will enable the museum to tell their story more thoroughly and to an ever increasing amount of international visitors.

Rembrandt’s incredible reach and influence in his own time will also be explored from 12th February to 15th May this year with the opening of Rembrandt’s Late Pupils: Studying Under A Genius. The exhibition brings together works of art by artists such as Nicolaes Maes, Arent de Gelder, Willem Drost, Abraham van Dijck, Jacobus Leveck and Heyman Dullaert. It explores how he taught, related to and ultimately influenced his students. This teaching will be put in the wider context of how art was taught in 17th century Netherlands and how Rembrandt compared to other painters of his time.

The exhibition will be supported by Imagineear MediaPackers™ audio guide devices.  These will bring together the stories and voices of the artists who studied with Rembrandt and marry them with the work they produced under his roof. The device’s non-intrusive screen will be used to help visitors orientate themselves and the content will be exclusively audio, giving an emotive and informative glimpse into Rembrandt’s teaching and influence.

Eleonore Heijboer, Founder and Creative Director at Imagineear, says: “We are very pleased to have begun working with The Rembrandt House Museum. Rembrandt is known across the world so it is fitting that we are helping visitors from even more countries learn about him through our translations of the audio tour for the permanent collection. The upcoming exhibition Rembrandt’s Late Pupils – Studying Under A Genius is a great chance to see artworks which show how Rembrandt directly influenced his students, all under one roof.



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About The Rembrandt House Museum

Rembrandt lived and worked in the beautiful and monumental Rembrandt House Museum between 1639 and 1658. The house is restored to appear as it would have done in this period. The museum offers regular workshops and activities in Rembrandt’s artistic techniques. In addition to an unrivalled collection of Rembrandt’s etchings, there are frequent temporary exhibitions of his predecessors and contemporaries, along with modern and current works of art in the modern wing of the museum.

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